Aims and Scope

Lightweight Structures journal is founded to provide a technical forum for researchers, scholars, professors, and students for sharing the most updated research achievements and information related to various fields of lightweight structures such as lightweight steel frames (LSF), lightweight concrete structures, materials, and products including lightweight blocks, lightweight concrete fillers (LCF), the use of resins, polymers and Nanotechnology for lightweight materials production. This journal's primary goal is to share the latest authentic findings and information to support lightweight structures engineering and industry developments and advances.

Developing the international knowledge of lightweight materials production and construction is another priority of this journal, effectively reducing natural disaster-induced damages and costs. Therefore, announcing the related international advances and innovations in science and technology would further benefit and upgrade the scientific and specialists society to expand and develop their knowledge of lightweight construction science. Publications in this journal introduce and spread the latest findings and endeavor to provide possible international communications and collaborations for leading researchers, technical centers, universities, and industrial specialists. The journal is concerned with the latest research achievements and publishes high-quality papers written in English and aims at promoting the international academic exchange and functions as a bridge between fundamental developments and practical applications.

Main journal scopes:

  • Analysis and design of lightweight structures including light steel frames, lightweight concrete structures, and lightweight materials
  • Repair and reinforcement of lightweight structures
  • Risk and damage assessment and rehabilitation of lightweight structures
  • Construction of lightweight structures
  • Management, construction, and control of lightweight structures
  • Knowledge management and development of lightweight structures
  • Technology development of various lightweight construction methods
  • Using different types of chemical resins and polymers to produce lightweight materials and structures
  • Implementation and presenting different methods of using materials technology related to lightweight structures and products
  • Development of regulations and codes related to lightweight structures and products to be compiled for practical use by engineers in design and construction